The World’s Lowest Power, Lowest Voltage Op Amps

Touchstone has the world’s only family of <1V, <1µA Single, Dual, and Quad Op Amps. Just find the part that meets your needs, and order your Free Samples or Free Demo Board today.


Touchstone Low Power Op Amps
Part Number #Amps VDD (min) VDD (max) IDD (max) GBW (kHz) Slew Rate (V/ms) Rail-to-Rail In/Out VOS (max) Package Free Samples Datasheet
TS1003 1 0.8V 5.5V 1 4 1.5 Yes/Yes 3mV SC70-5 Request Here pdf
TS1005 1 0.8V 5.5V 1.8 20 7.5 Yes/Yes 3mV SC70-5 Request Here pdf
TS1001 1 0.8V 2.5V 1 4 1.5 Yes/Yes 3mV SC70-5 Request Here pdf
TS1002 2 0.8V 2.5V 2 4 1.5 Yes/Yes 3mV MSOP-8 Request Here pdf
TS1004 4 0.8V 2.5V 4 4 1.5 Yes/Yes 3mV TSSOP-14 Request Here pdf
Touchstone All in One Op Amp, Comparator, and Voltage Reference
Part Number VDD
OP Amp Offset
REFOUT Comparator
tpd+ / tpd-
Comparator Output Free Samples Datasheet
TS12011 +0.8 +2.5 1.0 5 0.6V 20 Push-pull Request Here pdf
TS12012 +0.8 +2.5 1.0 5 0.6V 20 Open-drain Request Here pdf