Keeping track of the amount of current flowing from and to a battery is important in portable/battery-powered systems. A microcontroller can use this information to alert the system when the battery is empty or when it is full, but what is capable of both tracking this information and sending it to the microcontroller? A bidirectional current sense amplifier could do the trick, but not just any current sense amplifier. It’s important that the current sense amplifier produces a valid output voltage during the interval where the load current changes direction. If this is not the case, there may be a load current region where the current sense amplifier will not respond — otherwise known as “load-current dead zone.” In this video, the reverse-current behavior of Touchstone Semi’s TS1101-50 bi-directional current-sense amplifier will be compared to that of Maxim’s MAX9928F. The TS1101-50′s symmetric behavior at load current switchover — versus the MAX9928F’s hysteretic load-current dead zone — results in markedly improved load-current resolution and accuracy regardless of load-current direction. We invite you to take a closer look.