Having the ability to modulate the duty cycle of a signal is useful in a wide variety of applications such as nanopower portable equipment, clock generation, and pulse-width modulation control applications. The TS3001 and TS3002 timer devices can do just that and more. Consuming only 1µA of supply current at a supply voltage of 1V, the TS3001 and TS3002 are the first and only timers on the planet to achieve this combination. With two outputs, the TS3001 and TS3002 provide a fixed duty cycle output and an anti-phase output that can be pulse-width modulated through an on-chip control pin. In this video, the TS3001′s PWM output is used to modulate the speed of a fan. By the way, would you believe it that a common vegetable can power an timer IC? Is this even possible? Get some popcorn and find out – Enjoy.